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Battery materials play a critical role in the supply chain as the resources for tomorrow’s energy markets. They are enabling the new energy reality, powering electric vehicle (EV) batteries and energy storage systems, fueling transport and remaking energy grids.

The transition to this new generation of energy markets will be volatile and noisy, particularly in understanding the impact of soaring lithium-ion battery demand. Keeping up with the news and understanding the context behind the coverage will be central to current and future market participants. Fastmarkets provides deep insights into what is happening and why, as well as what this means to you. That way, you can see clearly during what will be a volatile transition.

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Latest battery materials news and market analysis

With more than 150 years of specialist commodity expertise, Fastmarkets market analysis gives you the strategic advantage to navigate the complex and turbulent new generation energy market. Our critical intelligence will enable you to make business decisions with confidence.

The EU’s Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) and supply chain localization were hot topics of discussion for presenters at the Alkeemia Battery Forum, which runs April 10-12 in Venice, Italy

The price of tin on the London Metal Exchange has reached highs in April 2024 not seen since 2022, with investors betting on the metal having a significant role in the expansion of renewable energy and for technical purposes, while supply remains uncertain

We discover how Nth Cycle is using price data and market forecasts to revolutionize the North American metal refining industry.

Nickel premiums stayed flat around the world amid quiet trading in the week to Tuesday April 9.

Oversupply and increased competition from lower-priced synthetic graphite are likely to continue to put downward pressure on natural flake graphite prices over the next few years, sources in Shanghai told Fastmarkets.

The recent shift is supported by the country’s increased biodiesel blending mandate and there are moves to raise it further in the coming years

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