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New policies and global ESG regulations change and evolve as commodity markets strive to meet greener, more stringent decarbonization targets. In the agriculture market, regulations have an impact all along the supply chain. Whether for the collection of used cooking oil or in changes to biofuel mandates, these markets must comply with regulatory requirements and report on their sustainability credentials.

In the new generation energy industry, new legislation requires a digital battery passport for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, as well as a compulsory carbon footprint declaration. The US government’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is likely to have significant consequences for the global battery materials supply chain, and financial incentives from the EU’s Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) will mean some businesses will re-examine their investment opportunities. Global metals markets are also under growing scrutiny as decarbonization goals become more important to governments and corporations.

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Global ESG regulations and changes to government policies have a critical impact on commodity market supply chains. Read the latest news and insights from our price reporting and editorial teams on policy and ESG regulations below.

Report by the International Council on Clean Transportation suggests only 12.2 billion gallons of SAF would come from biomass sources deemed to be sustainable

European producers of synthetic graphite have welcomed the addition of the material into the European Commission’s Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) but they stress more needs to be done for the sector to compete with Chinese imports and meet the act’s goals

The latest graphite market analysis from our research team

A revision to the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) will require the bloc to ensure 42.5% of the European Union’s entire energy consumption is met through renewables by 2030

Steel market participants gathered at the Nordics regional meeting of steel distributors’ association Eurometal in Copenhagen, Denmark on Thursday October 5, where key discussion topics were how the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) will operate and the risks importers face once it reaches final implementation

EU regulation to go into effect in 2025 will require all ships to minimize the yearly average greenhouse gas emissions intensity

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