Global pulp markets in cyclical decline

Replay our webinar to learn more about the market developments and outlook for the global pulp market

Despite the acceleration of the Chinese economy, will it be sufficient enough to support the global pulp demands from macroeconomic headwinds in the US and Europe?

Replay this webinar led by Fastmarkets’ senior economist and expert in the pulp market, Patrick Cavanagh, to address this question and learn more on:

  • US dollar environment: cases for and against a stronger dollar environment in 2023-24, and the implications for pulp markets. 
  • As new capacity enters the market from Latin America, and more is scheduled to start in Finland in Q3, how will the market absorb the new volume?
  • Exploring the role of unexpected downtime in previous bull market rallies and estimating how much capacity would need to be curtailed to absorb the inventory overhang. 
  • Production cost update: where are current production costs for high-cost pulp producers and how might these change over the course of 2023? 

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