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As a critical component in the battery technology used for electric vehicles, nickel’s strong demand and supply growth have created a volatile market. Uncertainties about the near-term supply-demand balance for the metal have been the primary driver of this volatility, but the long-term outlook for this battery material is strong.

As well as its use in batteries for electric vehicles, about 70% of global production is for stainless steel – particularly in China. End-use markets for stainless steel are strong, including construction and automotive, as well as appliances and flatware. Our news, price data and analysis will give you in-depth insights into the amounts of nickel on the market and its role in building a more sustainable future.

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    With the nickel market in flux as new supply comes online, market participants and investors need clarity and insights into what’s ahead. Get the latest nickel news and analysis from our expert price reporters.

    China’s stainless steel prices saw a notable increase last week, driven by global sanctions affecting nickel, which is a key component

    The key discussion topics across the battery raw materials sector ahead of Fastmarkets’ Asian Battery Raw Materials conference taking place in Seoul on April 22-23

    Metal exchanges will be prohibited from accepting these metals from Russia, said releases from the US and UK governments on Friday April 12

    Nickel premiums stayed flat around the world amid quiet trading in the week to Tuesday April 9.

    Stocks of base metals in Shanghai bonded warehouses showed mixed fortunes in March, Fastmarkets has learned

    The most recent financial results published by base metals mining companies highlight just how inflation is affecting profit margins, with increasing wages, financing costs and input prices all hitting profits, sources told Fastmarkets in the week to Thursday March 28

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