Supply cost insights, price data and analytics for FMCG risk management professionals

Prepare risk management strategies for opaque, volatile markets with market-reflective data, real-time news and deep market expertise

Introducing Fastmarkets’ FMCG Suite
The consolidation of global packaging suppliers has put FMCG consumers at a disadvantage, subjecting them to price fluctuations due to unclear supply costs. Implementing price risk management strategies that leverage accurate forecasts and transparent cost data is crucial to mitigate the impact of sudden market changes.

Fastmarkets provides market-reflective data solutions tailored to the needs of the FMCG sector. Our data solutions include real-time market updates, in-depth trend analysis, and expert insights, empowering you to refine price forecasts, negotiate steadfast partnerships, and fortify your risk assessments against uncertainties with a clear understanding of supply cost factors.

Our FMCG clients benefit from access to both short-term and long-term forecasts, production cost indices, and direct consultations with our experts, helping to eliminate any uncertainties in your price risk management approach.

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Enhance your risk mitigation strategies with Fastmarkets

Effectively understand and reduce risk through transparency into supply-side costs and expert advisory

Respond efficiently to supply chain volatility

Receive real-time alerts of supply chain distruptions as they happen

Anticipate emerging threats with trend analysis and production cost projections

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Ensure fair pricing with transparent supply cost structures

Base prices on independent benchmarks built on deep market expertise

Establish reliable supplier partnerships with in-depth supply cost comparisons

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Insulate price risk management against distruption

Access expert advisory to scenario-test risk assessment and mitigation strategies

Consult analysts directly for regular forecast analysis and impacts on your company

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