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Louise Noone

Chief human resources officer
Louise Noone joined Fastmarkets in 2017 with a twenty-year career history of working in HR. She began her career in telecoms, initially with a generalist HR background before moving into strategic change and transformation roles. Louise thrives in environments that foster respect for different cultures and backgrounds. She spent much of her childhood travelling across Europe with her father being in the military. This has given her the skills to adapt quickly to new situations, environments and to relish change. Fastmarkets is the latest in a succession of fast-paced companies where Louise has made an impact. Following university, Louise joined a telecoms startup as one of the original team of 10 that went on to become the fourth largest mobile operator in the UK, employing over 4,000 people. Being part of such rapid growth shaped the basis of her human resources philosophy. Louise loves the challenge of finding the balance between action and developing longer term people strategies. “People are the key to unlocking a business’s success, so I’m motivated to find solutions that are pragmatic, drive engagement and deliver business growth.” Her leadership style has evolved over the years, but life experience hasn’t changed her core values; she is action-oriented, naturally inquisitive, trusting and collaborative. This helps her build relationships and develop solutions. In her role as chief human resource officer (CHRO) at Fastmarkets, Louise works to develop a human resources function that is a true partner to the business by cutting through complexity to deliver a clear and simple people strategy that underpins the ambitious growth strategy.