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Hydro is a leading aluminium and renewable energy company committed to a sustainable future. We’re turning natural resources into a material vital for developing modern society – through transparency, working to decarbonize production, social justice and contributing to nature-positivity. As we progress our industry into a greener future, we’re bringing those industries that rely on aluminium, like automotive and construction, with us. We start to change the aluminium game.
Since 1905, Hydro has developed industries that matter to people and society, creating a safe and secure workplace for our 33,000 employees in more than 140 locations and 40 countries. Today, we own and operate various businesses and have investments with a base in sustainable industries. Hydro is through its businesses present in a broad range of market segments for aluminium, energy, metal recycling, renewables, and batteries, offering a unique wealth of knowledge and competence.
Our aluminium production kicks off in Brazil, where we run our Bauxite & Alumina operations. Our bauxite is processed in Hydro’s mines in Brazil and mixed with water, forming a pulp that is pumped through a 244-Km pipeline to our refinery, Hydro Alunorte, where bauxite is refined and transformed into alumina, the raw material for aluminium. Hydro Alunorte is the world ‘s largest certified alumina refinery.
Brazil operations are an important part of Hydro’s strategy as a global provider of innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions.

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Alcoa (NYSE: AA) is a global industry leader in bauxite, alumina and aluminum products with a vision to reinvent the aluminum industry for a sustainable future. With a values-based approach that encompasses integrity, operating excellence, care for people and courageous leadership, our purpose is to Turn Raw Potential into Real Progress. Since developing the process that made aluminum an affordable and vital part of modern life, our talented Alcoans have developed breakthrough innovations and best practices that have led to greater efficiency, safety, sustainability and stronger communities wherever we operate.

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GH Power

GH Power specializes in creating green metal oxide compounds from recycled materials, employing innovative technology for circular manufacturing. Operations produce high-quality green alumina suitable for lithium-ion batteries and advanced semiconductors, plus significant volumes of green fuel cell quality hydrogen and green thermal steam energy, co-products vital for deep industrial decarbonization. GH Power aims to contribute significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions in the manufacturing sector. The company competed full system testing in 2023 and is currently ready to start commercial operations in the summer of 2024.

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Ghana Bauxite Company

Ghana Bauxite Company Limited (GBC) has operated in Awaso, in the Western North Region of Ghana, West Africa, since the 1940s.
GBC produces high-quality bauxite with typical alumina (Al2O3) content of 52% and low silica of 1.5%.
GBC has estimated reserves of 100 million MT and is working on two additional hills capped with bauxite, with reserves estimated at 90 million MT.
Over the past decade, GBC has shipped an average of 1.2 million MT of bauxite per annum.
Production is expected to exceed 5 million MT per annum from 2024 due to ongoing expansion works at the mine. The new bulk jetty expansion and high-speed conveyor loading infrastructure at the Takoradi shipping port have facilitated the loading of Cape Size Vessels with reduced time.

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Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto is one of the world’s leading metals and mining companies with a global workforce of over 57,000 and an extensive portfolio of operating assets spanning across Australia, Asia, North and South America, Europe and Africa. We find better ways to provide the materials the world needs to grow and decarbonise. These metals and minerals are found everywhere in everyday life: aluminium for cars, copper for renewable energy technologies, iron ore for the steel in our cities and lithium for electric vehicles.

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Centre de Promotion et de Developpment Miniers

The Centre for Mining Promotion and Development (CPDM) is a department attached to the Minister of Mines and Geology.
In particular, it is responsible for:
– Examine applications for mining titles and authorisations;
– Examine the applications of mining companies and projects for exemption from mining lists;
– Organize and participate in mining forums and mining promotion seminars in Guinea or abroad;
– Participate in the negotiation of mining conventions and agreements and;
– Receive, verify and validate the compliance of mining permit or concession application files.

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Port of Brownsville

As the only deepwater seaport located directly on the U.S.-Mexico border, the Port of Brownsville is strategically positioned to efficiently serve and connect industries across North America and beyond. This logistical advantage has catapulted the Port of Brownsville as the major gateway for steel into Mexico, moving more than 5 million tons of steel commodities in 2023. The movement of cargo across the border is made easy thanks to the port’s direct connectivity to USMCA interstate corridors, offering a fast route to non-congested international bridge crossings. The Port of Brownsville also claims conceptual ownership of Texas’ first overweight corridor, allowing trucks crossing the border in either direction to load to the legal weight limits of Mexico – 125,000 pounds – (45,000 pounds heavier than domestic limits). The port’s foreign trade zone remains a leader in exports, ranking second in the nation with exported goods valued at over $8.2 billion. The FTZ has consistently placed in the top three for exports out of 193 FTZs nationwide since 2012.

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Société Minière de Boké

Over the years, Société Minière de Boké (SMB) has firmly established itself as Guinea’s leading bauxite producer and exporter. Since its premises in 2014, SMB has been at the forefront of developing essential road, rail, and logistics infrastructure crucial to the bauxite value chain. As part of the SMB-Winning Consortium, it achieved a production of 34 million tons in 2022, followed by nearly 48 million tons in 2023. Presently, SMB’s significant contribution accounts for 38,5% of Guinean production, propelling Guinea as the world’s largest bauxite producer. As a prominent mining entity, SMB actively drives advancements in the bauxite value chain, serving as a catalyst for investment across various sectors. The company plays a pivotal role in constructing major infrastructure, facilitating the growth of local industries, as well as generating opportunities for employment and growth – A Decade of Impact.

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Hebei Wenfeng Industrial Group

Hebei Wenfeng Industrial Group Co. is a privately owned Chinese conglomerate with businesses spanning steelmaking, alumina refining, industrial parks and ports, pharmaceuticals, and international mining investments. As at the end of June 2023, the group had total assets of US$6.5 Billion and over 10,000 employees in China and overseas. In March 2022, the group commissioned a high-tech alumina refinery located in Caofeidian District, Hebei Province, China, with annual capacity of 4.8 million tons of metallurgical-grade calcined alumina. With plans to increase alumina production capacity in the future, the group is currently open to partnership opportunities with bauxite producers and developers.

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The GAC is a coordinating body that represents, promotes and protects the interests of the aluminium industry within the Gulf. The council’s main objectives are to provide a forum to develop strategies for common issues and concerns facing the aluminium industry in the region, and to share best practices so as to improve the efficiency of the industry.


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