Iranian long product imports see drastic falls

Iran’s imports of long products have fallen dramatically, raising concerns about the effects on inventory levels in the future.

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The country’s imports of various products fell year-on-year in the first ten months of the Iranian year, from March 20, 2012, to January 20 this year, according to trade data published recently by the customs authorities.

Imports of rebar dropped by 45% to 146,000 tonnes, I-beam by 74% to 88,000 tonnes, H-beam by 38% to 43,000 tonnes and U-beam by 67% to 49,000 tonnes.

In the corresponding months in the previous year, Iran imported 267,000 tonnes of rebar, 339,000 tonnes of I-beam, 69,000 tonnes of H-beam and 147,000 tonnes of U-beam.

International trading sanctions are the main reason for the large falls in import volumes.

Local production has also been rising for some products, such as rebar.