Data licensing

Bring our trusted data into the heart of your business

Our licensing process helps you understand the different types of data we offer, who owns it, who is authorized to use our data, how you can make the most of it and if you are protected when using it.

What is a data license?

A data license is an agreement authorizing the supply of our price data for your internal company use. This ensures compliance with our terms and conditions.

In response to the growing adoption of our price data, we offer data licenses as the solution to receive and use our prices for key functions in sales and trading, mid and back office operations and all other functions that interact with our price data directly or via a formula that involves our proprietary price data.

Why do I need a data license?

To view, trade and reference our price data you need to be a named user under the correct data license. You can share our price data but only to other named users that are authorized under your company’s data license.

If you are a named user on a data license you can utilize our 4,000+ prices, exactly how you need to, for your contracted period of time, while remaining compliant.

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If you are a named user you are authorized to share data with other licensed colleagues within your company, trade physical and financial contracts, run valuations on inventory and much more.

You may not need to use all of our prices, that’s why our licenses are tailored to your business needs, with the additional benefit of choosing how you receive our data.

What will your data license cover?


Extracting and redistribution of our price data to colleagues directly or via your company system.


Use of our price data for the trading of physical and financial contracts where the data is the underlying reference.


Use of our price data for valuation, pricing activities or as a reference in transactions.

Examples of referencing our price data (but not limited to):

  • Physical supply or sales contracts
  • Bi-lateral OTC contracts, valuations of funds, holdings, inventories
  • Forward curves

Derived data

Creation and use of information derived from our price data.

Examples of derived data activities include (but not limited to):

  • Indices, forward curves, spread bets, swaps, swaptions
  • Exchange Traded Products (including futures, forwards, options, ETFs, ETCs, ETNs)
  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs)
  • Any other analysis, calculations, costs or premiums created from our data
Identifying the right license for you and your company

Determining the most appropriate license depends on what type of data you use and who sees or interacts with it. Not everyone needs a log-in, but everyone who comes into contact with our data, including the use of a formula that involves our data, will need to be licensed as a named user to protect your company and our intellectual property.

Whether you are a direct or indirect user using direct or derived data, you must be an authorized or named user and covered by your company’s data license.

  • Direct user: has access to our price data directly and will therefore have their own log-in. Must be a named user on the data license. 
  • Indirect user: does not have access to our price data directly but has been sent our price by someone in their organization. This user will not have their own log-in, but they must still be a named user on the data license. 
  • Direct data: using our price data as it’s reported, for market analysis, price verification and other workflow tasks. Anyone that uses our direct data must be a named user. 
  • Derived data: using our price and inputting it into an equation, formula or curve to calculate a new number for company use. Anyone that views or uses derived data that includes our data must be a named user.