Fastmarkets undergoing substantial change to its operating model

Read more about how Fastmarkets is transitioning to an exclusive enterprise license model

A legacy of transformation

Fastmarkets has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from a print publisher to a digital subscription business and, finally, to a leading provider of pricing intelligence and data-driven insights. While this journey has delivered significant value to our customers, it has also revealed challenges we must address.

Introducing the enterprise license model

Fastmarkets is undergoing a significant shift in its operating model. Our current user license model, dating back to our digital subscription days, no longer meets the needs of our business or, more importantly, yours.

As a provider of licensed intellectual property delivered through various formats, we require a transparent and consistent licensing model. The current model’s subjectivity around user scale and business use can lead to unfair agreements and potential legal non-compliance for many customers.

For that reason, we are transitioning to an enterprise license model.

How our enterprise license model benefits you
No more data licensing headaches

We’re removing significant financial and reputational risks associated with potential license breaches.

Easy integration

Enhanced efficiency by leveraging our versatile data across your business, including supported API and third-party software.

Unrestricted scope

You can grant Fastmarkets access to whoever needs it, increasing usage without commercial constraints.

Expanded licensing terms

Usage expands without limitation – from reference to contract use, terms also extend to accommodate financial trading applications.

Fair pricing

We match our prices with the value and opportunities we bring to your organization.

Get in touch if you want to discuss what this change means for your business

This change will affect all key customers starting in 2024, aligned with their contract cycles.

The entire team at Fastmarkets will be working to ensure a smooth transition and maximize the value you receive from our data. We are committed to providing all necessary resources and support throughout this process.

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