Voltas Awards
2024 Awards Categories
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Fastmarkets Volta Awards 2024

Battery Supply Chain Excellence Awards

June 25, 2024 | Red Rock Casino & Resort, Las Vegas

Judging Process

The portal for submissions is now open and will remain open until March 2024. During this time judges are contacted and briefed on the process and timing.  

Once the portal is closed for submissions, award categories will be allocated to each judge, based on their expertise and category preferences. If the allocations cause conflict of interest, appropriate changes are made. The judges have 2-3 weeks to score their allocated award categories. They score the submissions on their own, with no interference or conferring and based on the criteria for each category listed below. 
Once all the scores are added up, the shortlists are created based on a minimum score that needs to be attained to qualify. The top aggregate score per category is the winner. In cases of a tiebreaker, the Chair will conduct it by scoring the tied submissions. If the Chair has a conflict of interest, another judge is selected to break the tie. On the rare occasions where the tie cannot be broken, more than one winner may be named.  

If a category does not receive the required about of submissions/meet the minimum score, the category will be dropped to ensure it stays fair and consistent.

The grading criteria can be seen on the nomination portal.

Awards categories
  • Category 1: CEO/Leader of the Year
  • Category 2: Best New Project
  • Category 3: ESG Award – Community engagement
  • Category 4: Innovation Award
  • Category 5: Battery Manufacturer of the Year
  • Category 6: Industry Woman of the Year
  • Category 7: OEM of the Year
  • Category 8: Recycler of the Year

Category descriptions

1. CEO/Leader of the year 

This award will be presented to an outstanding individual who has set himself or herself apart in the world of EV, EV/ESS Battery, and Battery Raw Materials. The winning CEO/President is the individual that has:

· Delivered a winning strategy resulting in strong financial performance
· Demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities, in particular in their response to the tough market conditions, global economic downturn and high inflation/costs
· Has actively driven forward sustainability targets
· Has actively driven forward inclusive culture in the organization·
· Promoted a culture of innovation and supported the creation of new tech

What the judges are looking for?

· Evidence of the company’s financial surety success and profitable growth 
· Evidence of a clear global and/or regional strategy and implementation of strategy, including mergers, acquisitions and/or alliances
· Evidence of outstanding leadership from the boardroom to production floor
· Evidence of moving the business forward in terms of sustainability and carbon reduction
· Evidence of creating an environment where employees thrive, and diverse teams collaborate well together
· Evidence of representing the paper industry to the public, legislation and other industries

Information that will help the judges decide

· Name of CEO 
· List of reasons why the CEO is nominated, along with any notable achievements
· Company profit and loss figures
· Any quotes, extracts or comments made by industry financial analysts and experts

2. Best New Project

This award recognises and celebrates the most promising projects in the field of battery raw materials including lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese and graphite. This category focuses on new initiatives, ventures, and developments that have the potential to make a significant impact on the supply of raw battery materials. The award will put a project that demonstrates innovation, sustainability, and potential for long-term success in the spotlight. The projects may encompass various steps and aspects of battery materials production, including exploration, mining, processing, refining and recycling.

What the judges are looking for?

· Projects with strong market potential, demonstrating the ability to meet market demands, create economic value and contribute to the growth of the EV battery industry 
· Projects that introduce new technologies, processes and approaches to improve efficiency, sustainability or cost-effectiveness
· Projects that foster collaboration and strategic partnerships with key stakeholders such as governments, research, industry players or local communities to enhance project outcomes
· Projects that prioritise environmental sustainability by implementing measures to minimise carbon footprint, reduce water consumption, manage waste responsibility or mitigate any negative ecological effects associated with material extraction or battery production
· Project scalability: taking into consideration factors such as resources availability, project lifespan, and adaptability to changing market conditions
· Projects that adhere to relevant regulations, permits and guidelines, ensuring local and ethical practices.

3. ESG Award – Community Engagement

This award will be dedicated to a company/project that has contributed to Environmental Sustainability and or/or Community Engagement and Development – a company which, through its work/project, has improved the livelihood of local communities.

What the judges are looking for?

· Clear evidence, including before and after scenarios, of strategies and ESG initiatives that have positively impacted operational efficiency from a sustainability perspective. 
· Evidence of investments made in the last three years in the areas of energy efficiencies, resource management, waste management, supply chain responsibility, recycling, etc.
· Case studies detailing results from the successful implementation of local community engagement strategies

Information that will help the judges decide

· A well-defined ESG strategy with defined goals and the pathway to achieve them
· Evidence and examples of new processes, procedures or technology and how they have impacted the business’s/project’s carbon footprint and sustainability targets
· A brief description of the challenges encountered
· Details of the project team and levels of cooperation involved
· Figures that illustrate improvements made as a result of the project

4. Innovation Award

Innovation will be the game-changer for the EV Battery and battery materials sector at a time of huge disruption and shifts in demand. This award recognises compelling examples of the use of new technologies, including intelligent systems, AI/machine learning and connected devices during the production process, data and analysis across the board, as well as automation and other technologies used to improve current processes, increase efficiency and drive sustainability and electrification efforts.

What the judges are looking for?

· Evidence of how recently implemented (within the past 18 months) advanced technologies have improved the efficiency, sustainability and reliability of production.
· Evidence of how technological innovation has positively impacted the efficiency and reliability of the supply chain, from sales through to production and/or maintenance
· Evidence of applications in the supply chain that have made a quantifiable difference in production
· Evidence showing how effective the innovation has been in improving performance 
· Evidence of a robust long-term tech and data strategy

Information that will help the judges decide

· Give a brief description of the advanced digital technologies applied to in your business
· Demonstrable proof of how a newly developed innovation has solved an existing need or problem
· List the advances your company has made in the field of data capture and management over the last three years
· Tell us about any financial difference managing data has made to your production efficiency 
· Tell us about any other innovations or R&D you are doing in this area and any further results you have achieved

5. Battery Manufacturer of the Year

The award recognises an outstanding battery manufacturer that has demonstrated excellence in the production, innovation, scale up and supply of batteries for various applications. It focuses on the company’s overall performance, technological advancements, sustainability practices and contributions to the EV/ESS battery industry.

What the judges are looking for?

· Evidence of product quality, reliability and performance, including factors such as energy density, cycle life, safety features and compatibility with different applications
· Evidence of introduction of new technologies and advancements to existing battery technologies in materials, manufacturing process, energy storage capacity and efficiency
· Evidence of manufacturer’s commitment to environmental sustainability. This includes efforts to reduce carbon footprint, minimize waste generation and recycling programs.
· Evidence of manufacturer’s supply chain management practices, including sourcing raw materials, ethical considerations and risk mitigation strategies.

Information that will help the judges decide

· Information about the battery’s specification, such as energy density, cycle life, power output and safety features
· Information about new technologies, materials or manufacturing process developed that demonstrates innovation and advancement
· Details about the manufacturing sustainability practices, including responsible sourcing practices and responsible supply chain management

6. Industry Woman of the Year Award

Women increasingly play a vital role in EV/ESS batteries and the battery raw materials industry. From mining to the consumers and across the supply chain, the industry benefits from the leadership and vision of our female champions. The Lithium Supply & Battery Raw Materials Awards is the perfect opportunity to recognise and celebrate the women who have had a positive and noted impact on their industry, company and workplace.

What the judges are looking for?

· Leaders, executives and colleagues who have led, served, supported and inspired their organisation and industry.
· The women within EV, EV/ESS Battery and EV Battery Raw Materials industry who have made a demonstrable difference in improving teams and organisations.
· Women from all levels of seniority and from all types of organisations within the industry who are worthy of recognition.

Information that will help the judges decide

· Stories and testimonies of women from all positions within the industry who have made a real positive impact

7. OEM of the Year Award

The award of OEM of the Year is a prestigious recognition given to an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) who has demonstrated exceptional leadership, achievements and contributions in the field of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing. This award acknowledges the OEM’s outstanding performance in designing, manufacturing and delivering high-quality electric vehicles to the market.

What the judges are looking for?

· Give a description of how the OEM has excelled in several key areas, including innovation, product range, technological advancements, sustainability and market impact
· Tell us about how they made significant contributions towards the adoption of electric vehicles
· Evidence of the innovative approach to the production of cutting-edge EV models, their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and their investment in charging infrastructure
· Evidence of the OEM’s efforts to educate and engage consumers about the benefits of electric mobility 

Information that will help the judges decide

· Company overview: an overview including company mission, vision and values
· Product information: detailed information about the electric vehicle product portfolio, including specifications, features and performance metrics
· Technological innovations: information about technical advancements or breakthroughs achieved by the nominee in the field of EV/EV battery technology.
· Sustainability: An outline of the nominee’s sustainability initiatives and environmental commitments, including the use of sustainable materials, energy-efficient manufacturing processes, and efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the vehicles.
· Market impact: data and statistics showcasing the nominee’s market share, sales growth and impact on the EV market.
· Information about strategic partnerships or collaborations that the nominee has successfully formed with other organizations

8. Recycler of the Year Award

The Recycler of the Year winner will be recognised as the leader in the battery recycling industry, setting an example and contributing to the transition towards a sustainable and circular economy. This award recognises and celebrates the commitment and outstanding achievements in EV battery recycling, the development of recycling technologies, sustainable management of battery waste and the recovery of valuable materials.

What the judges are looking for?

· Demonstrate excellence in implementing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient recycling processes
· Evidence of the introduction of innovative technologies that improve the effectiveness of battery recycling
· Evidence of resource recovery rates of battery materials, including lithium, cobalt, nickel, and other materials
· Evidence for adhering to safety standards and regulations in the recycling process to ensure the protection of people and the environment

Information that will help the judges decide

· A detailed description of the recycling process including the steps involved, technologies used and any unique and innovative approaches used for battery recycling
· Showcase data and evidence of the environmental impact of the recycling activities such as reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and waste generation.
· Information on percentages of materials recovered and how they are reintegrated to into the supply chain for reuse in battery production.