The European Commission has confirmed that it will apply anti-dumping duties to Chinese biodiesel producers from August 16 this year, according to multiple sources

Germany’s UFOP highlighted a global rapeseed supply shortage, urging increased planting in 2025 to meet demand amidst reduced production forecasts.

The recent shift is supported by the country’s increased biodiesel blending mandate and there are moves to raise it further in the coming years

The project also creates a traceability system for all diesel cycle fuels to help ensuring the quality of the fuels

Anticipated biofuel demand is set to increase by 38 billion liters from 2023 to 2028, marking a nearly 30% rise from the preceding five years

The domestic soybean oil market in Brazil has seen higher bid prices due to solid biodiesel demand

This significant development marks an important step in Indonesia’s ongoing efforts to challenge these duties and protect its vital biodiesel industry

Renewable ticket market records one of its most active periods for several months

EU regulation to go into effect in 2025 will require all ships to minimize the yearly average greenhouse gas emissions intensity

The biofuel producer responds to allegations of receiving fraudulent waste-based feedstock at its Singapore refinery