Excel Add-in

Instantly integrate prices into your data models, curves and workflows

Simply and efficiently, integrate our benchmark price data into your Excel workflows with our Excel add-in tool that has been carefully developed with you in mind. With the press of a button, all the data you need to get work done will be at your fingertips and pulled into your models and figures.

The Fastmarkets Excel Add-In enables you to integrate Fastmarkets data into your tables, formulas, and curves, or other planning, reporting, and analytic workflows that help drive your business forward. You can automate data flows or use customizable formats to look at data how you want.

To install the latest version of the Excel add-in, click here.

Why use our Excel add-in
Seamlessly integrate prices into Excel workflows, removing the risk of manual data entry
Combine sources
Our data may be just one part of the data you need to complete your calculations, trends or charts, so our add-in allows you to combine multiple data sources simply
Flexible formats
Use our custom functions to build your view of prices by commodity, type, frequency, source and so much more.
Build custom templates, charts and statistical models to find the information that matters to you
Streamline your data analysis processes, accelerate your searches and improve the integration of our price data into your workflows.
Explore how our Excel add-in can aid your analysis
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Stay up to date on the go with your key prices accessible anywhere you need them

Build a personalized view of your markets to focus on the information most relevant to you

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