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Find out how days before the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, the World Economic Forum (WEF) outlined three key areas of investment for the global aluminium industry to reach net zero by 2050 – clean energy, emerging technologies and decarbonization infrastructure – but it will require hundreds of billions of dollars

After an extended consultation period, Fastmarkets will launch two new European aluminium low-carbon value-added product (VAP) differentials to complement its existing low-carbon offering in Europe and begin the phased discontinuation of the existing MB-AL-0382 aluminium low-carbon value-added product differential.

“The [Department] has a set of tools through the Inflation Reduction Act [IRA] and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,” Annie Sartor, aluminum campaign director at clean industry advocate group Industrious Labs, said. “They are open to talking about what the industry needs. When we said the current investments were not enough, they were open to conversation,” […]

There is a sense of cautious optimism in the mining sector following the election of Javier Milei as the new president of Argentina on Sunday November 19, Fastmarkets understands

Despite this, in their discussion on manganese ore and manganese alloys, experts including Asia Minerals Limited (AML) director Gautam Kumar, Project Blue founder Jack Beddar and WoodMac research director Kevin Fowkes weighed in on the various methods for reducing carbon emissions and the challenges they pose for ferro-alloys producers. “The problem is the most hazardous […]

European producers of synthetic graphite have welcomed the addition of the material into the European Commission’s Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) but they stress more needs to be done for the sector to compete with Chinese imports and meet the act’s goals

Aluminium price on China’s economy Range-trading has characterized the LME aluminium price as the decline since the start of October attempts to stabilize. At the beginning of the year, market participants had overestimated China’s ability to stimulate its way out of the Covid-lockdown era, putting too much emphasis on a fast and robust recovery. However, as China’s economic […]

Fastmarkets assessed its new aluminium low-carbon differential P1020A, US Midwest at zero on Friday November 3. The assessment for the aluminium low-carbon differential for value-added product, US Midwest, also was at zero on Friday. Fastmarkets aims to bring transparency to the market with its new low-carbon aluminium differentials. “We are getting lots of questions about carbon […]

Fastmarkets is launching low-carbon aluminium differentials to its existing US Midwest P1020A and value-added product (VAP) premium contracts to meet market interest in low-carbon aluminium pricing mechanisms.

After assessing market feedback, Fastmarkets is extending the consultation period for its proposal to launch a number of new European aluminium low-carbon differentials for value added products (VAPs) by two additional weeks.