Brazil’s long steel imports increase by 52.6% in September

Brazilian long steel imports were 52.6% higher in September compared with the corresponding month last year.

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Imports came to 76,324 tonnes, against 49,996 tonnes in September 2011, according to figures from the country’s foreign trade ministry.

Portugal was the largest exporter of long steel products to Brazil last month, with 23,600 tonnes, followed by China (10,605 tonnes) and the USA (9,133 tonnes).

This growth was driven by an increase in imports of both rebar and sections.

Brazilian rebar imports totalled 29,558 tonnes in September, up from 8,279 tonnes a year earlier.

Imports of sections increased from 4,357 tonnes to 16,700 tonnes in the same comparison.

Wire rod imports, however, declined by 19.3%, from 20,241 tonnes to 16,319 tonnes, ministry data shows.

Between January and September, Brazilian long steel imports amounted to 703,541 tonnes, up by 40.9% over the corresponding period in 2011, when imports were at 499,312 tonnes.