Aluminum scrap generation in Europe is expected to decrease in the current quarter due to lower demand from downstream metal producers amid the domestic seasonal summer slowdown, according to the latest market overview from the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR)

Chinese rare earth magnetic materials prices edged up this week after suppliers stood firm behind higher offer prices, market sources told Fastmarkets

Brazil’s aluminium industry is further enhancing its sustainability by boosting renewable energy use and recycling, while mitigating risk from high-carbon imports

Prospecting’s recent acquisition of a 5.3% stake in MP Materials has ignited widespread curiosity about its potential impact on the rare earths market

This initiative marks a significant step towards reducing industrial greenhouse gas emissions and championing the US in the global decarbonization effort

The project, which powers the world’s largest alumina refinery outside China, Alunorte, not only marks a significant leap towards sustainability but also showcases Norsk Hydro’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions

Ontario-based battery recycling company Li-Cycle announced that the company had received a $75 million investment from Glencore, building on previous investments and their existing long-term partnership

TMP Holdings is harnessing the power of critical metals like nickel and cobalt to fuel Saudi Arabia’s ambitious infrastructure and decarbonization initiatives

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Despite auto manufacturers’ clear demand and willingness to pay a premium for green steel, understanding of the product varies widely in the industry, with larger OEMs like Ford, General Motors, and Volvo actively competing for its limited supply