Chile’s rebar sales fall to 2012 low in September

Rebar sales to the Chilean construction industry hit their lowest monthly level for 2012 in September at 42,710 tonnes, according to figures from the country’s construction chamber, CCHC.

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Sales fell by nearly 23% month-on-month, from 55,455 tonnes.

Compared with the same month in 2011, however, September’s sales increased by 4.4%, from 40,879 tonnes.

Between January and September, the amount of rebar sold into the Chilean market totalled 469,130 tonnes, up by 17.4% year-on-year.

Domestic rebar supplies come from Gerdau Aza, Compañía de Acero del Pacífico (CAP), Aceros Quinta Normal and Famae, and also include goods directly imported by these firms.

Chile’s construction industry grew by 10.6% in September compared with the corresponding month last year, CCHC said.

Compared with August, however, the sector’s activity declined by 1.4%.