China, India set to request WTO dispute panels over US tariffs

China and India are expected to request dispute panels concerning subsidies on a number of metal products at a World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting on Friday August 31.

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China is planning to request a dispute panel at the WTO following unsuccessful negotiations with the USA involving 22 products that are allegedly subsidised by the Chinese government, according to the WTO.

Those products include pressure pipe, line pipe, oil country tubular goods, wire strand, steel grating, wire decking, seamless pipe drill pipe, aluminum extrusions, steel wheels, steel wire, steel cylinders, solar panels, wind towers and steel sinks.

The nation first filed a complaint on the issue in May, claiming that US tariffs ranging from 31% to 249.96% on the subject imports were “erroneous”.

India’s anticipated request for a dispute panel would be the second of its kind, after its first request was blocked last month by the USA.

It concerns US duties on hot-rolled steel. India had previously claimed that the USA failed to accurately assess the volume and effect of the imports.

Since this would be India’s second request on the topic, a dispute hearing will automatically be granted under WTO rules.