Why rare earths matter

Understanding the crucial role of rare earths in the energy transition

Why are rare earths important for the energy transition? When will there be new magnet capacity in Europe and the US? What are the biggest challenges facing the industry?

Listen to Fastmarkets’ strategic markets editor Caroline Messecar interview rare earths industry veteran Constantine Karayannopoulos, retired CEO of Neo Performance Materials where we tackle these and other key questions.

Spotlight on rare earths
About rare earths

Rare earth metals (the lanthanum series plus yttrium), are a group of elements that have found their way into most areas of modern life – from your smartphone and computer to medical devices, fiber optic cables, water treatment chemicals and catalysts. The use of rare earths in high-performance magnets in the engines of electric and hybrid vehicles and offshore wind turbines is creating unprecedented demand. But new demand is also bringing with it new pressures on the industry to build out the type of supply chains that large modern manufacturers need.

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