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Dr. Liudmila Ilyukhina

CEO/partner of Naukatek AS
Dr. Liudmila Ilyukhina, Ph.D. MatE, got her doctorate in materials engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She is CEO of Naukatek SA, a company which manufactures meltblown polypropylene filter material using Reicofil technology. The company’s products are used for a variety of applications, including surgical face masks and face coverings, filtration, oil sorbents, battery materials and building membranes, among others. The company also manufactures face masks and respirators using its own nonwovens materials. Past career assignments have included Salita Interpreting and Translation Services, where she was Chief Digital Officer, and Siemens, where she was Lab Manager and Discipline Lead for Materials Qualification.She resides in Trondheim, Norway.