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Raju Daswani

Fastmarkets CEO
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Raju’s passion for commodity markets goes all the way back to his boyhood in Hong Kong. He loved nothing more than going to his family office to watch his father trade commodities such as textiles and electronics. Growing up in Hong Kong, a tiny but hugely successful island nation, also instilled in Raju a belief that everything is possible if you work hard and stay positive.

The opportunity to learn more about global metals markets attracted Raju to Fastmarkets when he joined as a commodities economist more than 25 years ago; the pace of change and the talented, passionate people have kept him here ever since.In that time, Raju has relentlessly evolved our products and the way we serve our customers in an increasingly fast-paced, digital world. The breadth of Raju’s experience at Fastmarkets means he can empathize with every employee and is always happy to roll up his sleeves. Today, he gets his best ideas and innovations from his interactions with employees across the organization at every level. As CEO, his driving purpose is to build a successful business that allows everyone at Fastmarkets to meet their potential and be proud of their achievements. Raju’s energy and vision are infectious – he motivates his team by painting the picture of a future that can become reality. His long-term vision for Fastmarkets is to build on our strengths as a multi-commodity, data-first business to help customers trade successfully and sustainably.“ My mission at Fastmarkets is to leverage the brilliance and exceptional talent of our employees to build the world’s foremost trusted and respected price reporting and information business for the commodity markets we serve. ”Raju has a degree in economics and finance from the London School of Economics. He took a graduate trainee role at Rio Tinto Alcan, his first foray into industrial commodities, before joining Fastmarkets in 1995.