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Steve D'Souza

Chief strategy and product officer
Family and friends have played a large part in shaping Steve’s life. Steve’s family moved to Australia and he saw his parents do everything they could do to provide for their children. This taught Steve that you need to be determined and disciplined to succeed. By the age of ten, Steve had developed a keen interest in numbers, which was instilled by his father who took him grocery shopping so that he could add up the receipts and also brought him along to his accountant to learn about budgeting and forecasting. The determination to succeed and his passion for numbers saw Steve start full-time work in finance at some of Australia’s leading companies while juggling his undergraduate degree and then completing multiple postgraduate degrees concurrently. Having completed multiple marathons and half-marathons, Steve enjoys long-distance running, in particular the discipline that is required during training just to get to the start line. Having spent most of his career in mergers and acquisitions, Steve has seen the power of teams emanating from a common sense of purpose and trust. His ambition is to continue to lead teams in businesses to achieve a better outcome for customers and shareholders. This ambition is most suited to an environment of change. Having spent a large part of his career in telecoms, media and technology, he has seen digital transformation successes and challenges. He recognizes the impact of change on strategy, businesses and people. “I enjoy driving change. This is exciting to me because of the opportunities it creates, and how it can inspire a team working towards a common goal. And if that common goal is like a finish line to a marathon, I know that we need to be disciplined and pace ourselves to get there.” Steve is the chief strategy and product officer for Fastmarkets. Steve joined Fastmarkets from the Corporate Development team at our parent company, Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, and prior to this worked in Corporate Development at Telstra, Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs, and Transaction Advisory at Ernst & Young. Steve holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales Australia, is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has completed the technical modules of the Chartered Accountants program and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.