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Producers operated at an average of 68% of their 136,495-unit capacity for the month, the association said.

Production of 30- to 40-seat midibuses reached the highest capacity use at 77% of its 561-unit capacity, with 434 vehicles produced in October, association figures showed.

Truck production was running at only 41% of its full capacity of 5,183 units, with 2,105 units produced in October.

Over the first ten months of 2012, however, truck production ran at 50% of its 51,830-unit production capacity.

Ten-month utilisation across the sector was the same as that for October alone, at 68% of its 1.36 million capacity, the association said.

Tractor production totalled 27,386 units in the first ten months of the year, 82% of its 45,830-unit capacity. This was the highest capacity use in any vehicle sector, association figures indicated.