Metal Bulletin prices European ammonium paratungstate (APT) as per the specifications published by the Minor Metals Trade Association.

European free market APT, white finely divided free-flowing crystals, min 88.5% WO3, lots of 18 tonnes (1 container), $ per mtu, cif Rotterdam, cash, duty free.

Price: $ per mtu WO3, cif Rotterdam, duty free
WO3: 88.5% min.
Al: 0.001% max.
As: 0.0005% max.
Bi: 0.0005% max.
Ca: 0.001% max.
Cd: 0.0005% max.
Co: 0.0005% max.
Cr: 0.0005% max.
Cu: 0.0005% max.
Fe: 0.001% max.
K: 0.001% max.
Mn: 0.001% max.
Mg: 0.001% max.
Mo: 0.002% max.
Na: 0.001% max.
Ni: 0.0005% max.
P: 0.001% max.
Pb: 0.0005% max.
S: 0.001% max.
Sb: 0.0005% max.
Si: 0.001% max.
Sn: 0.0005% max.
Ti: 0.0005% max.
V: 0.0005% max.

Form: White finely divided free-flowing crystals
Lot size: 20-tonne lots (+/- 2%) 
Payment terms: Cash; other payment terms normalised
Assessment: On Wednesdays and Fridays by Metal Bulletin’s London office, except when that office is closed for public holidays. Such times will be notified well in advance. 
Publication: Between 2pm and 3pm London time on Wednesdays and Fridays

If you have any questions or comments to make on the specification for APT, please email reporter Claire Hack at

Claire Hack
Twitter: @clairehack_mb