After being buried under the earth for years, a piece of copper has found its way to Mongolia’s national museum.

Earlier this month, a ceremony was held to place a sample of copper concentrate produced by Oyu Tolgoi on display at the Geology and Minerals Hall of the Mongolian National Museum.

“This was the first time copper concentrate mined in South Gobi assumed its place in our nation’s cultural, historic and natural exhibits [...],” the company said.

“This concentrate is a resource of Mongolia [...],” Dr D Sukhbaatar, director of the Mongolian National Museum, said.

The lump of red metal has so far done well to stand the force of elements to become a part of history.

Here’s hoping that the arbitrations going on involving Mongolian copper producer Erdenet, and Standard Bank’s recent decision to sell its loan book there, do not reduce copper’s capacity to become a part of Mongolia’s growth story.