Ever wonder whether you’re being undervalued? Don’t feel like your salary is commensurate with what you do? Or maybe you just want to know that you’re being paid the right wage.

Well, Metal Bulletin is setting out to alleviate your worries.

We have teamed up with salary-data provider Emolument to enable metal industry executives to benchmark their pay.

This will enable you to compare your bonus and salary with other professionals like you, giving you an idea of whether your package is equivalent to others in your position. 

The survey takes less than a minute to complete, is completely anonymous, and once you contribute you will be able to view salary and bonus data by role, location, gender and job title.

Data is constantly refreshed as more and more people add their data, giving you an accurate and up-to-date view of pay in your sector.

Metal Bulletin will also be publishing a white paper on the salary benchmarking later in the year. 

To contribute your data and find out just what other executives like you get paid, click here