Due to UK national holidays on Good Friday April 18 and Easter Monday April 21, Metal Bulletin’s pricing and news coverage will be reduced.

Assessed prices and premiums
Metal Bulletin daily premiums and prices, as assessed by our London and Singapore offices, will be rolled over from the previous pricing session on:

Good Friday – Friday April 18
Easter Monday – Monday April 21

Prices and premiums assessed by our Shanghai team will be assessed as normal on these dates.

Prices will not be updated online on Friday April 18 or Monday April 21.

All prices, whether rolled or updated, will be backfilled in our system on Tuesday April 20, the first working day following the UK national holiday.

Please note this publishing schedule for 2014 introduces a change from previous years, when Metal Bulletin did not publish nor roll over prices from previous days on UK Bank Holidays.

Metal Bulletin’s ferro-chrome and manganese ore indexes, which are normally published each Friday, will be rolled over from the previous pricing session and published a day early on Thursday April 17.

Metal Bulletin’s alumina index, MB's Ferrous Scrap HMS 1&2 (80:20 mix) fob Rotterdam and Ferrous Scrap shredded cfr India weekly indices will be calculated and published on Thursday April 17.