The Fanya Metal Exchange has applied for membership of the Minor Metals Trade Assn (MMTA), an official at the exchange told Metal Bulletin.

The application has been backed by Beijing Jiya Semiconductor Material and Metal-Pages, the official said.

The MMTA declined to comment on whether Fanya had applied to become a member, and said that it did not have any applications that it was ready to circulate to the membership.

The MMTA first vets applications internally before deciding whether to move the application forward first to the board and then to its full membership for comment, an MMTA spokeswoman said.

The Fanya Metal Exchange has attracted a lot of the attention in the minor metals markets, after investor interest on the exchange caused indium and bismuth prices to soar.

The exchange launched selenium and tellurium contracts on Monday, and launched an antimony contract last month

Other metals listed on the exchange include gallium, germanium, vanadium, and ammonium paratungstate (APT).

Chloe Smith

Twitter: @ChloeSmith_MB