Roberto de Groote resigned on Tuesday July 8 as vice ceo of Enami, citing personal reasons for leaving Chile’s national mining company in less than four months.

“This is not a situation we expected, but we will respect the decision of Mr De Groote,” mining minister Aurora Williams said in a statement. 

De Groote, an engineer, was Enami’s development and sustainability manager between 2006 and 2010, and returned to the state company as vice ceo on March 25 this year.

“This unfortunate news in no way [damages] the objectives we have concerning Enami, since they are government commitments”, Williams added.

Enami picked Patricio Cartagena from its employees to substitute the De Groote from July 8.

The company’s board, presided over by Williams, will continue to work on the challenges faced by Enami, it said, mainly concerning the modernisation process of Fundición Hernán Videla Lira de Paipote.

“We want an Enami that highlights its development role and that can have an investment process that allows its infrastructure to be in line with reality,” the minister added.

Enami was founded in 1960 with the object of promoting small and medium-size private sector mining in Chile, by means of incentives and the supply of technical, financial, metallurgical production and trading services.

Danielle Assalve
Twitter: dassalve_mb