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The probe follows an application lodged by NTS Steel Group and Siam Iron & Steel, both of which are units of Tata Steel Thailand.

Increasing imports from China had affected prices for the product in Thailand, and subsequently, the overall performance of the petitioners, according to a notification published on the Thai Royal Gazette on January 15 on the preliminary findings.

The country’s department of foreign trade had determined that the products were dumped at a margin of 18.51% of their cif price, according to the document.

The department will send questionnaires to interested parties to gather information for the investigation.

Parties who do not receive questionnaires but wish to take part in the investigation should send a written request to the department within 15 days of the date of publication of the notification, it said.

The products being investigated are wire rods with carbon content not exceeding 0.29% classified under the Thai customs tariff codes 7213.9120.000, 7213.9190.010, 7213.9190.011, 7213.9190.012, 7213.9190.013, 7213.9190.033, 7213.9190.034, 7213.9190.035, 7213.9190.090, 7213.9920.000, 7213.9990.000, 7227.9000.015 and 7227.9000.090.

In May last year, Thailand started imposing anti-dumping duties of 5.17-33.98% on imports of alloyed high-carbon wire rod from China to protect its local industry. The duties will apply over a five-year period.