Metal Bulletin has concluded its consultation on its Chinese cobalt prices, and has decided to stop pricing cobalt concentrate, and to start pricing cobalt tetroxide.

After receiving responses from the market, we have come to the conclusion it is no longer necessary to price cobalt concentrate, as the use of the material is much lower than in the past, and it is hard to glean enough meaningful inputs to update this price.

Metal Bulletin will start pricing cobalt tetroxide in Chinese yuan. The cobalt-containing chemical accounts for a majority of cobalt's downstream use, and China is a top producer of this product. 

Specifications for cobalt tetroxide have been published separately.

Metal Bulletin will start publishing cobalt tetroxide prices from March 4. Market participants are welcome to comment or contribute to the price by contacting

Any new proposals for changes or additions to the quotation will be subject to further consultation, about which the market will be informed via further pricing notices.

Metal Bulletin will also continue to price the Chinese cobalt metal market on a twice weekly basis as usual.