Metal Bulletin will change the manganese ore content for its Manganese ore index, 38% Mn to 37% manganese from May 1 2015, and amend its name accordingly.

This follows a consultation announced on February 19.

Participants in the market are increasingly reporting 37% manganese content to Metal Bulletin, rather than 38%. All other reported contents will be normalised to 37% from May 1. The change from 38% to 37% means less normalisation will be necessary.

It also means the final index price will be slightly lower than when normalised to 38%, reflecting the slightly lower manganese content.

The price history will remain unchanged and will be accessed as normal but will show the date of the change to 37% from 38%.

The new specification is as follows:

The specification for the 37% manganese ore index would be:
Price description: Manganese ore index, 37% manganese, fob Port Elizabeth
Manganese content: Base 37%, Range 35% to 39%
Iron content: Base 5%, Maximum 16%
Silica content: Base 6%, Maximum 12%
Phosphorous content: Base 0.04%, Maximum 0.16%
Alumina content: Base 1%, Maximum 8%
Moisture content: Base 4%, Maximum 12%
Others contents: (sulphur, calcium, magnesia)
Loading port: Port Elizabeth (South Africa)
Unit measure: US$ per dry metric tonne unit, fob Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Granularity: 5.5mm-75mm
Form: Lumps
Publication: Weekly
Trade Size: 5,000mt
Payment method: Cash or equivalent
Loading window: Six weeks

If you have any questions about the reason for these changes or about participating in the index, please contact Janie Davies:

if you have any questions about price history or how these changes may affect your use of the index, please contact Inaki Villanueva: