Metal Bulletin will host a webinar to discuss its aluminium premiums and explain its premium assessment methodology on November 3.

Aluminium premiums have permeated supply contracts further and further down the value chain in recent years, and industries that have never heard of aluminium premiums before now face them as an integral part of their cost structure.

OEMs, beverage can producers and cable makers are among the aluminium consumers that have had to incorporate aluminium premiums in their contracts over the past few years, and for many they represent an inexplicable new cost.

Metal Bulletin, the provider of aluminium premiums in Europe, will host a webinar to explain its aluminium premium assessment methodology on November 3, to answer frequently asked questions, such as:

From whom does Metal Bulletin source the data that goes into premium assessments?

How many data points accompany each premium assessment?

How does Metal Bulletin normalise deals that fall outside its specifications?

How can Metal Bulletin ensure its premiums are representative of the market?

How does Metal Bulletin ensure best practices and the integrity of its premium assessments?

The webinar will be live at 10.00 GMT on November 3, and available to download thereafter. To register for the webinar, please follow the link above in this article.

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Jethro Wookey
Twitter: @jethrowookey