Following a report by Amnesty International alleging human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) artisanal cobalt industry, Metal Bulletin has published a series of in-depth articles and interviews on the issue.

The articles include an overview of the Amnesty report, “This Is What We Die For”, analysis of the report’s potential effect on the cobalt market, expert views and recommendations made to address the points made by Amnesty International.

To view the articles in our Amnesty Report series, please click on the following titles:
1. Amnesty report alleges human rights abuses in DRC artisanal cobalt industry 
2. AMNESTY REPORT: Cobalt could be supported by iTSCi; funding concerns highlighted 
3. AMNESTY REPORT: Comparing cobalt with conflict minerals 
4. AMNESTY REPORT: NGO claims Huayou Cobalt failing in DRC due diligence; Huayou denies claims 
5. AMNESTY REPORT: Physical checks, codes of conduct needed to guarantee abuse-free cobalt - Umicore
6. AMNESTY REPORT: EU conflict-minerals legislation should cover more than just 3TGs – Global Witness 
7. AMNESTY REPORT: EICC pledges ‘collective effort’ to address abuse-affected cobalt 
8. AMNESTY REPORT: Focus on cobalt supply chain could reshape the market 
9. AMNESTY REPORT: OECD planning formal country reporting on mineral supply chains 
10. AMNESTY REPORT: Mining companies explore ways to assist the artisans 
11. EXPERT VIEW: Amnesty’s good intentions challenge the cobalt supply chain to do better – Darton Commodities director
12. AMNESTY REPORT: Volkswagen responds to NGO cobalt claims
13. AMNESTY REPORT: Lenovo, Tianjin Lishen deny supply chain link to Huayou Cobalt
14. AMNESTY REPORT: Sony says no 'obvious' DRC link to cobalt in its products
15. AMNESTY REPORT: ‘Impossible’ to say cobalt supplied is not from Katanga – Samsung SDI
16. AMNESTY REPORT – INTERVIEW: Cobalt supply chain should be audited, says SMR director
17. AMNESTY REPORT: Diversified miner ERG ‘working to change conditions of artisanal miners’
18. AMNESTY REPORT: Huayou Cobalt admits prior lack of awareness on human rights protection; vows to address issue
19. AMNESTY REPORT: CDI favours self-certification for cobalt supply chain
20. Huayou urges cobalt customers to back it as it promises due diligence
21. CCCMC calls for co-operation to tackle human rights abuses in DRC artisanal cobalt mining
22. AMNESTY REPORT: China's cobalt refineries outline individual measures to oversee supply chain
23. AMNESTY REPORT: Huayou Cobalt will complete due diligence framework in a year
24. AMNESTY REPORT: Jinchuan responds to NGO cobalt claims
25. AMNESTY REPORT: Jiayuan uses two-channel cobalt procurement to ‘guarantee legitimate concentrates’
26. AMNESTY REPORT: Hanrui protects cobalt supply chain with audit panel
27. AMNESTY REPORT: Jiangxi supports independent cobalt supply chain audits
28. AMNESTY REPORT: Chinese cobalt refinery Wanbao responds to rights report

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