TRADE CASE MONITOR: Around the world in April 2017

As competition in the global steel markets remains fierce, Metal Bulletin provides an update on the new, progressing and closed trade cases from around the world in April 2017.

The case list below includes only updates. For other continuing cases this year, see the updates for January, February and March.

Origin of products under scrutiny
Latest action
Next action, if known

Hot rolled coil, sheet
Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan.
Goods in thicknesses of 2.48-2.52mm, in widths of 1,640-1,680mm, and weighing 6,000-13,000kg exempted from anti-dumping duties on April 4.

Wire rope
South Africa.
Anti-dumping probe initiated on April 26.
Recommendation on appropriate action will be made in a report on or before September 28, 2017.

Welded austenitic stainless steel pipes
Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam.
Anti-dumping probe initiated on April 24.

Belarus, Hong Kong, Japan, Portugal, Spain and Taiwan.
Final anti-dumping duties of 2.40-108.50% set on April 3.

Hot rolled coil
Definitive anti-dumping duties of 18.10-35.90% set on April 6.

Hot rolled coil
Brazil, Iran, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine.
EC decided against preliminary anti-dumping duties on April 10.
Investigation to continue for another six months.

Stainless steel cold rolled flat products
EC declined to raise an existing anti-dumping duty of 6.80% on April 11.

Pipe fittings
China, South Korea.
Anti-dumping investigation initiated on March 31.

South Korea.
Anti-dumping duties raised to 2.76-24.92% on April 10.

Carbon, alloy steel wire rod
Belarus, Italy, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, the UAE, the UK.
Anti-dumping, countervailing case initiated on April 18.

Non-alloy flat steel
India, Russia, South Korea.
Safeguard duties of 20.74-21% proposed to be extended by a further three years on April 27.

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