The change will apply to the prices below from April 1, 2018:

LBMA Gold Price AM (Live publication time – 10:30 London time)

LBMA Gold Price PM (Live publication time – 15:00 London time)

LBMA Silver Price (Live publication time – 12:00 London time)

What’s changing?

The LBMA Gold and Silver prices will no longer be available in public domain with a 30-minute and 15-minute delay respectively.

They will instead be published in the public domain at midnight (00:00 London time).

You can view public domain prices here LBMA Gold PriceLBMA Silver Price.

When will this happen?

Due to a UK Bank Holiday on Monday April 2, 2018, the first day the prices will be published with this new schedule will be Tuesday April 3, 2018.

From April 3rd these delayed prices will be published in the public domain at midnight on the date of publication.

How to access live LBMA Prices

To access same-day prices you need a live data subscription through a market data provider like Fastmarkets.

We are one of a limited number of data providers that can provide these important reference prices, either on the Fastmarkets Precious Metals platform or as a live data feed.

Find out more

If you are already a Fastmarkets subscriber and require access to live LBMA Gold or silver prices, please contact or call one of our global office numbers at the top of the page.