Kd espf 1&2 2x4 rl Atl

  • Commodity
    Lumber/Sawn Timber
  • Symbol
  • Incoterm
  • Currency
    US Dollar
  • Unit
    Thousand Board Feet
  • Status
  • Product
    Dimension Eastern Spruce-Pine-Fir 1&2
  • Launch Date
  • Location
  • Frequency

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Domestic linerboard prices rose $30/ton and $40/ton in North America as producers again sought price relief from inflation, even as some buyers said demand wasn’t strong enough to pay more for linerboard or corrugated boxes. Levels for 42-lb unbleached kraft linerboard, 35-/36-lb High Performance linerboard, and 30-/31-lb recycled linerboard all rose $40/ton, to $900-910/ton delivered […]

The recent volatility of wood product raw materials prices significantly impacts the US housing market, influencing both demand and supply in construction. With pressure mounting in the framing lumber and structural panel markets, the fluctuating cost of these essential materials creates a ripple effect affecting pricing, project timelines and ultimately the availability of new homes. […]

In the open consultation, Fastmarkets FOEX did not propose any changes, and there was no feedback received during the process. No material changes were made to the current methodology. A newly dated methodology document has been posted here.