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Agri Trading is located in Hutchinson, MN and has been handling animal and vegetable by-products since 1977. Our 47 years of trading experience and logistical expertise makes us uniquely qualified to maximize product value and capture transportation efficiencies. We handle all grades of animal fats, distillers corn oil, used cooking oil, crude and refined soybean oil and canola oil. In 2021 we expanded our trading network by becoming a member of the Neste owned companies. This gave us a global view of feedstock markets and the production of Renewable Diesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel. This partnership with Neste solidifies our position in the entire supply chain. Let us leverage our strengths to help your company succeed in the Renewable Energy Industry.


Sustainable Advanced Biofuel Refiners ( is a coalition of members that built out America’s first advanced biofuel—biodiesel. Biodiesel is the most cost-effective means to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, providing numerous economic, environmental, and performance benefits. It is sustainably sourced from agricultural products like soybean oil, animal fat, and used cooking oil. SABR represents every link in the value chain from farmers to biodiesel producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers, and infrastructure/products/services suppliers.
SABR members have invested heavily in meeting the nation’s goals of the Renewable Fuel Standard. SABR is supportive of all biofuels including renewable diesel and SAF and strives to grow the RFS program. However, because these newer fuels have been improperly categorized as “biodiesel” in the biomass-based diesel category – as these fuels come online, they don’t displace any new carbon. They displace lower carbon biodiesel at a higher cost to taxpayers and consumers. These policy flaws are fixable. SABR’s top two priorities are:

1. Make Jet fuel an obligated fuel, consistent with the all-of-government SAF Grand Challenge, and create an RVO category for SAF to address this new obligation.
2. Fix the inflated equivalence values for RD and SAF to account for them consistent with other biofuels including biodiesel and ethanol.

Making these two modest policy adjustments would put all biofuels on a more level playing field and allow investments in new fuels to grow the RFS to reduce more carbon rather than just cannibalize previous decarbonization investments in the ground transportation sector.

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As one of the largest buyers of fats, oils and greases in North America, StoneX Commodity Solutions LLC, works with biofuel companies to improve procurement flexibility, manage profit margins and free up working capital to drive growth. We do this through a comprehensive procurement solution tailored to meet your immediate market needs and achieve your long-term strategic goals.

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DSC is a leader in renewable commodities and compliance for biofuels production specializing in Used Cooking Oil collection, aggregation and sales. Visit for more information.

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Greasezilla, developed by Downey Ridge Environmental Company, is a turnkey system that optimizes separation of fats, oils and grease (FOG) and used cooking oil (UCO) while producing a RIN-qualified, low carbon intensity (CI) advanced biofuel offtake. Greasezilla’s patented technology services thirty sites across the water infrastructure, liquid waste resource recovery, and energy sectors, providing a purely ecological alternative to polymers, lagooning, and incineration, while mitigating landfilling and running entirely on a small percentage of the advanced biofuel it produces. For more information, visit or