We’re at a crucial juncture for the battery raw materials industry, with long-standing dynamics and conventions shifting.
It’s time to pull back the curtain on the market, reassess the realities and take advantage of upcoming opportunities.

December 6-7, 2023 | Shanghai

China is at the centre of the battery raw materials universe. There’s no better place to get a grip on a market that’s becoming ever more central to the modern world. And there’s no better event for expert insight and turning connections into contracts. Secure your spot now.

Here’s why you should be in Shanghai.

1. Understand a market in flux

The battery raw materials world as we know it is being turned on its head. It’s not just regulation moving the market towards increased regionalization. Geopolitics, trade flows and emerging supply markets are all playing their part. Price volatility will inevitably follow. To avoid being caught off guard, you need to fully understand what’s happening – and why. This conference covers current – and future – demand and supply dynamics in detail, from Chinese oversupply of materials to emerging suppliers.

On the agenda

  • The demand picture: Chinese EV & ESS adoption – with Fastmarkets expert Phoebe O’Hara
  • South America lithium supply to China – with Daniel Jimenez from iLiMarkets
  • Updates on Indonesian strategy for battery raw materials – with Indonesia’s Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment
  • Regional differences in battery cell supply and demand, and updates on IRA and GDIP – with Ting Wu from the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility China
  • Spotlight sessions on individual material outlooks: lithium, nickel, graphite and cobalt

2. Glimpse the future

New developments in battery chemistry and extraction techniques are almost constant, and it can be difficult keeping up to date among the daily bustle of business. Advances and innovations are being driven by cost, supply and sustainability concerns, with companies throughout the battery materials industry responding to all kinds of challenges. But exciting trends like lithium-ion cells, battery recycling and black mass also present you with ripe opportunities. Make sure your business is ready to take advantage of them: gain exclusive insights that you can act upon. The information on offer at this event will inform global business strategies for years to come.

On the agenda

  • Direct lithium extraction: Unlocking sustainable solutions
  • Lithium extraction case study & technology breakdown
  • Future battery technology trends: Chinese & global outlook – with Tim Hotz from Roland Berger

3. Hear it straight from market leaders

Whether they’re focused on regional imbalances in lithium hydroxide production or Indonesia’s nickel production plans, the words of speakers at this event carry weight. These speakers have decades of industry experience, shaping the landscape we see today and what’s over the horizon.
The event will also see important midstream players and end users revealing their supply challenges and needs when they search for new suppliers.
And since this event is happening in the battery raw materials heartland of China, it’ll be particularly invaluable if you need insight into local market dynamics. You’ll hear about Chinese EV adoption rates, battery trends and openings for growth – from those who know this complex market best.

Who’s speaking

A taste of influential speakers line-up:

  • George Q. Fang | Executive Vice Chairman | Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co. Ltd
  • Yasmin Liu | Vice President | Tianqi Lithium Corporation
  • Weiqiao Gao | Vice President | Huayou Resources Recycling Technology
  • Cormac O’Laoire | Managing Director / Head of Strategy | Electrios Energy / Green Li-ion
  • Jianhua Shi | Deputy Secretary General | China EV100
  • Steven Lam| Vice President of New Products and Innovation| Gradiant

4. Shake hands with more potential partners

With so many key industry figures and businesses at the event, this is a conference that could have a real impact on your company’s fortunes. You’ll have direct access to hundreds of people, including buyers, suppliers and those who can open doors to the world’s largest battery market. This is where new contacts become new business. The mix of suppliers, downstream companies, investors, traders and analysts attending means the event will be buzzing with important conversations. These are the conversations you want to be part of. They’re the conversations that can lead to new revenue streams, new perspectives and new business growth.

Who’s coming

A small selection of the businesses and government entities attending:

  • CATL
  • Rio Tinto
  • Bloomberg
  • China Minmetals Corporation
  • APNI (Indonesia Nickel Miners Association)
  • Tus Qingyuan
  • CME Group
  • Imerys
  • Tianqi Lithium Corp
  • Metso
  • Ganfeng Lithium
  • Umicore
  • Jaguar Land Rover

5. Future-proof your business

By gaining a sharper picture of the global raw materials industry and the latest developments, you’ll be far better prepared for the changes coming. Whether you’re an auto maker creating savings by using smaller packs or a black mass producer looking to gain from higher prices, this event will help you identify where you can cut costs and optimize revenues.

As ever, Fastmarkets will be supplying up-to-the-minute price data and expert analysis, providing vital context throughout the event. All this will add important insight to your business planning, allowing you to anticipate where bottlenecks could materialize and make sure your company is well positioned for the future.

On the agenda

  • Tackling price volatility: How to manage risk and protect profit margins – with speakers from Freight Investor Services, TRAXYS SCB and LME
  • Navigating Europe’s policies, opportunities for investment and ESG requirements – with speakers from TRAXYS, Fastmarkets and Minviro

With the battery raw materials sector on the edge of fundamental change, this conference opens a window on the most pressing industry issues – at just right the right moment. The event only lasts two days, but the knowledge and contacts you gain from it could benefit your business for years to come.

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