Optimising Sustainability:
Key Metrics for the Packaging and Containerboard Industry 
Monday, October 28, 14:00-16:15
  • · Define key sustainability metrics for the packaging and containerboard industry
  • · Understand how to measure and track these metrics
  • · Identify opportunities to improve the sustainability of packaging and containerboard products

On the agenda


  • · Welcome and introductions
  • · The growing importance of sustainability in the packaging industry
  • · The role of metrics in driving sustainable practices


Sustainability metrics for packaging

Material usage:

  • · Life cycle assessment (LCA) for packaging
  • · Metrics like grammage (paper weight) and package-to-product ratio
  • · Strategies for material optimization, including lightweighting and rightsizing

Recyclability and recycled content:

  • · Key recycling symbols and recyclability standards
  • · Metrics like pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content
  • · Challenges and opportunities for increasing recycled content

End-of-life management:

  • · Metrics like landfill diversion rates and composting options
  • · The role of biodegradability and compostability for packaging

Carbon footprint:

  • · Carbon footprints and their importance
  • · Metrics like greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the supply chain
  • · Strategies for carbon footprint reduction, including renewable energy and efficient transportation


Real-world case studies of companies successfully implementing sustainable packaging solutions.


Workshop exercise:  Identify areas where sustainability can be improved


Summary of key takeaways


Close of workshop

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