Key agenda themes

Unveiling a new era for energy transition and Indonesia’s role on the global stage 
– Macroeconomic outlook 
– Overview of the critical minerals and metals opportunity in Indonesia  
– Examining the role of Indonesia on the global energy transition stage  
– The future of battery manufacturing in Indonesia  
– An overview of upstream and downstream opportunities 
– Navigating policy incentives, regulatory updates and investment criteria    

Downstream production expansion 
This summit will explore the future roadmap for expanding and accelerating Indonesia’s downstream production for the critical minerals and metals sector.  

– Capacity expansion 
– Capability enhancement  
– Investment and partnership landscape  
– Government incentives, policy updates and roadmap 
– Examining successful case studies  
– Reviewing refining and smelting opportunity for each critical mineral and metal 
– Finished products forecast; examining the EV, consumer electronics, construction and other manufacturing landscape in Indonesia and the region 
– Refined and finished products export opportunity within Asia, Europe and the US – exploring the future potential and navigating the regulatory landscape  
– An overview of the battery, consumer electronics, automotive manufacturing and construction sectors  

A deep dive into how ESG best practices are evolving in Indonesia across the entire critical minerals and metals value chain. This summit will examine and explore successful case examples and best practices as well as help attendees keep abreast of key regulatory and policy developments.


– Reforestation 
– De-forestation 
– Water treatment and salination 
– Sediment management  
– Dry saturation tailings  


– Collaboration with local communities 
– Education and job creation  
– Reducing population displacement   
– Utilising critical minerals and metals for the benefit of local communities 


– Enabling greater transparency  
– Ensuring compliance with global workforce standards  
– Implementing best practices to drive global investment and accelerate opportunities in Asia, Europe and the US 

Investment Landscape   
For Indonesia to realise its energy transition and in-country manufacturing and industrial ambitions, it needs to secure investment and encourage partnerships from all parts of the value chain. This summit will allow attendees to explore the investment and partnership landscape. 

– Understanding future strategic plans of Indonesia’s sovereign wealth fund 
– Exploring capital and fund-raising options including assessing potential financial structures and vehicles   –
– Risk management, hedging and derivatives – what is the long-term future? 
– Evolving government regulations and successfully navigating the impact of divesture policies  
– Attracting global investment and partnerships – developing a recipe for successful collaboration 
– Demonstrating ESG credentials  
– Collaborative partnerships from across the globe 
– Navigating European CBAM and US IRA tariffs and requirements   
– Growing in a bifurcated partnership landscape  

Powering the energy transition – the road to decarbonisation     
– Examining the role of carbon credits 
– The role of coal in the road to decarbonisation  
– Powering plants with renewable energy 

Global collaboration     
This summit will discuss Indonesia’s role on the global stage as a key contributor to energy transition. 

– Continuing strong relationships with China 
– Diversification of global partners 
– Successful examples of collaboration  
– Exploring the opportunities with Europe and the US

Circular economy
  – Battery and scrap recycling opportunities in Indonesia 
– Extracting the potential of a circular economy in Indonesia and regionally

Minerals and metals forecast and outlook 
– Nickel forecast in the long-term (MHP, Pig Iron and high grade) 
– Examining downstream opportunities from Nickel  
– Outlook for steel, aluminium, bauxite and alumina 
– Examining extraction and mining strategies for high grade silica 
– Copper, manganese and cobalt outlook  
– Examining new extraction, refining and smelting technologies and techniques  
– Lithium battery production outlook 

An overview of the EV and battery manufacturing market in Indonesia and regionally   
– Manufacturing update  
– Strategic overview  
– Partnerships with key countries  

Battery Chemistry   
What will be the future of NMC vs. LFP and what new technologies will emerge across cathode and anode methodologies.