Is Indonesia on your radar yet?

The demand outlook for nickel, cobalt and manganese from the battery sector presents an enormous opportunity for Indonesia. Its importance to the future supply of nickel into the battery market is unquestionable and its emergence as a significant global supplier of cobalt continues to gather momentum. For manganese the potential is enormous. It is also anticipated that Indonesia will become a primary source of global primary aluminium capacity growth in the future, whilst Indonesia’s vast tin reserves are more crucial than ever in bridging the anticipated supply gap.

In the months before the International Critical Minerals and Metals Summit: Indonesia Fastmarkets and other leading experts have shared their knowledge and expertise on the country as an investment opportunity in a number of ways. These give an excellent background to those planning to attend the Summit in September. Read on and book your delegate place to be part of the future.
Breakfast briefing – Jakarta, April 2024
On 28 April we welcomed 95 attendees to an in-person breakfast briefing in Jakarta. Our expert panel including PwC, Vale Indonesia, Austrade and Djakarta Mining Club joined Paul Lusty – Fastmarkets’ Head of Battery Raw Materials – for a lively discussion which explored the future for critical minerals and mining.

On-demand webinar
Charting Indonesia’s critical minerals landscape: Accelerating the global energy transition, May 2024

With Indonesia becoming more and more influential in the critical minerals world, now’s the time to take stock of its role – and how it can boost the energy transition revolution. 

Fastmarkets’ experts, Fleur Ritzema, Olivier Masson, Sybil Pan and Dylan Duan recorded a webinar dissecting Indonesia’s booming commodities sector, focusing on nickel, investment prospects and the international implications.
White paper
Advancing Global Energy Transition: Critical Minerals and Metals in Indonesia, June 2024.

This white paper explores the strategic importance of Indonesia’s mineral wealth in the context of the global shift towards renewable energy. It examines the current state of mineral production in the country, the challenges and opportunities within the sector, and the role of governmental policies in fostering a sustainable and competitive mining industry.
Fastmarkets Indonesian prices
In October 2023 Fastmarkets launched free-on-board (FOB) Indonesia prices for nickel pig iron (NPI) and mixed hydroxide precipitate (MHP) in order to create transparency in the battery raw materials market.

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