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Extreme weather events, food insecurity and soaring inflation dominate today’s headlines, and these are only a few of the factors driving volatility within the agriculture commodity markets. On top of that, geopolitical instabilities contribute to disrupting trade and trade routes.

Formed from AgriCensus, EnergyCensus, The Jacobsen and Palm Oil Analytics, Fastmarkets Agriculture is the platform designed to help you navigate all the uncertainty within the market today so that you can make the right business decisions based on verified and digestible data and up-to-date industry news.

In a market constantly subject to change, it is always more challenging to understand and predict regional and global pricing trends by relying on older price reporting systems not reflective of a detailed analysis of local markets.

Our senior analysts and reporters capture the shifting market conditions at a regional level that drive spot prices for specific commodities.

We provide:

  • Reliable and verified price data
  • Short-term forecasts
  • Long-term forecasts
  • Risk management
  • News and market analysis
  • Events and webinars