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Fastmarkets’ special studies offer our most detailed objective analysis and forecasts on critical trends impacting major markets in the forest products industry. Reports include coverage on market history and background, assessment of major players in the industry, supply/demand dynamics, consumption trends and market forecasts. Topics cover various grades in graphic paper, fiber, packaging, wood products and timber markets.
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The study provides insight into the demand drivers and prospects for the virgin fiber industry in China

This study will help you sharpen your analysis of corrugated packaging as it provides a comparative study of key metrics in the corrugating sector in India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian regions outside of China.

Access the study to uncover wood pellet demand in key areas of growth in the wider Asian region.

This study provides analysis and forecasts of world kraft and wrapping paper markets

This study will help you to identify and compare the key characteristics, better understand the cost drivers and the demand and supply dynamics impacting the Greater China’s containerboard market

This study identifies which pulp mills are vulnerable to partial or complete shutdown within the next 5 years

High energy prices are powering strong demand for heating fuel alternatives and renewable energy policies are leading power plants to swap pellets for coal. How will these forces affect global wood pellet demand through 2031?

A strong containerboard market is driving record high prices and operating rates in Western and Central Europe. Understand the potential and the risks.

The global dissolving pulp market has rebounded from the devastating effects of Covid-19 and the global textile market is poised for a robust recovery in 2021. But possible risks are looming

In recognition of SAF’s role in the future of aviation, and potential for rapidly demand growth, we brought together a team of experts from agriculture, energy and forest markets to explore the outlook to 2025, answering key questions.

Get our experts insights into how the food service papers market could rebound after global food service revenue fell by 20% in 2020.

The global dissolving pulp market has rebounded from the devastating effects of Covid-19 and the global textile market is poised for a robust recovery in 2021. But possible risks are looming

What is the outlook for plywood imports through 2022?

Demand for paper packaging is growing in the Middle East and North Africa, and so is production capacity. Strategize for these key emerging markets with this first-ever study of 19 nations’ production, demand, economic conditions, and more.

European boxboard demand has shown above-average growth in recent years, but there are signs of oversupply ahead. Prepare for the impact of capacity expansions, changing grade preferences, and other factors that will help define the market over the next five years.

Asia has become the world’s largest boxboard market, accounting for more than half of global demand. But Asian demand actually fell in 2018, as China’s demand declined. Get the latest forecast through 2023, with data and detail unavailable from any other source.

Global trade tensions could have a major impact on boxboard producers in the Americas – as well as their suppliers and customers. Prepare for potential disruption with price, production cost, and grade-specific data and analysis for every market in the Americas.

Will paper packaging demand keep booming along with online retail growth, or will the “e-commerce boost” weaken in coming years? This study – the first of its kind available from any source – is an exhaustive analysis of how North American e-commerce shapes the corrugated packaging space.

Paper is the most sustainable packaging material, and a new generation of biobased materials can help it provide more of the qualities that consumers demand.

The industry’s most complete data source for timberland ownership, investment, and sales to help you understand the global timberland investment market.

The corrugating process is an essential part of the corrugated packaging value chain – but the cost-efficiency of corrugators varies widely. Assess the competitiveness of corrugators throughout Europe with this first-ever Fastmarkets Special Study.

European nations are the largest users of woodfiber biomass pellets – but over the next decade, Asia’s industrial demand will grow, while Europe’s will plateau or even decline. Prepare with this 10-year outlook of pellet demand for heating and industrial use, which also covers top exporters Canada and the US.

An insider’s expert perspective and analysis of this fast-changing sector. Volume 1 covers the issues facing the entire industry; Volume 2 focuses on businesses that convert containerboard into packaging products.

Demand for high-value specialty industrial papers (SIP) is still growing in some regions, which may attract new competitors to key markets. Get cost curves and competitiveness scores and rankings for every global release liner and label paper producer with this first-ever Special Study.

The 6th Edition of Fastmarkets RISI’s analysis of China’s timber demand and supply, including imports of logs, lumber, woodchips, and pulp by source.

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