European Corrugators: A Comprehensive View

The corrugating process is an essential part of the corrugated packaging value chain – but the cost-efficiency of corrugators varies widely. Assess the competitiveness of corrugators throughout Europe with this first-ever Fastmarkets Special Study.

European Corrugators: A Comprehensive View provides country-specific comparative data for all of Europe. Along with its technical data set, it shares cash cost benchmarks for every country, enabling a true comparative analysis of the entire sector for the first time.

No matter where your business fits into the corrugated value chain, European Corrugators: A Comprehensive View provides you with valuable tools:
  • Essential technical data for all European countries
  • Geographic competitiveness metrics, such as average delivery distances from corrugators to containerboard mills, raw materials costs and more
  • Containerboard integration details and analysis
  • Regional and Europe-wide comparative analysis and five-year outlook
Compare Corrugators Across Europe
  • 882 Corrugators
  • 38 Countries, analyzed as
  • 12 Regions
Compare Corrugators Across All Key Metrics
  • Cost Benchmarking Estimates
  • Locations
  • Widths
  • Capacities
  • Technical Age Evaluations
  • Much More

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