How to measure battery raw materials price risk: Special report

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Navigating the price risk of battery raw materials (BRM) is a major hurdle for today’s automakers. The fluctuating prices of lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese — vital in electric vehicle production — are a serious challenge to cost-effectiveness and profitability.

This special 35-page report breaks down this complexity, offering insights into the historical and projected volatility of these materials, and illuminating their price interplay. With this knowledge, you can better gauge your exposure to price shifts, enabling smarter decisions and stronger risk management strategies.

Our report is more than a tool for understanding risks — it’s a guide to proactive risk mitigation in the ever-changing landscape of battery raw materials. 

Meet the author, David Becker, risk solutions director

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Five reasons for battery raw materials buyers to download this report
  1. Understand volatility: Gain a deep understanding of price volatility in key battery raw materials like lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese with our detailed analysis of historical price trends and price forecasts.

  2. Discover correlation: Uncover how the prices of these materials interact with each other through our correlation matrices. This can help you develop balanced and resilient hedging strategies.

  3. Measure your risk: Learn to manage risk effectively with our Value at Risk (VaR) analysis. This tool quantifies potential maximum loss based on commodity price movements, empowering you to make informed decisions.

  4. Mitigate risk: Explore various risk mitigation strategies, including financial derivatives like futures, swaps, options and collars. These tools can offset your physical exposure to battery raw material prices, protecting your bottom line.

  5. Visualize impact: See the real-world impact of price changes on profits through our detailed payoff profiles for producers and consumers. These visual representations bring market fluctuations to life, helping you grasp their implications more intuitively.

In a volatile market like BRMs, understanding risk and having effective management strategies in place is critical. Our report empowers you with the knowledge and tools to navigate this complex landscape confidently. So, dive in, absorb the insights, and let them guide your next steps. 

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