APEX 2019: Bank Muscat, INTL FCStone/Ed Meir, ABN Amro clinch top spots

Bank Muscat’s Nishant Bhavsar and Ajit Mauskar led Fastmarkets’ Apex 2019 leaderboard for base metals analysis with an accuracy rate of 97.93%.

In second place for base metals, SP Angel’s John Meyer, Sergey Raevskiy and Simon Beardsmore notched an accuracy rating of 97.31%, while Emirates NBD’s Edward Bell took third place at 97.11%. 

Capital Economics’ Kieran Clancy was in fourth place with an accuracy level of 96.78%, with TD Securities’ Bart Malek taking the final spot at an accuracy rating of 96.20%. 

In the precious metals sector, INTL FCStone’s Natalie Scott-Grey and Rhona O’Connell took top spot with an accuracy rating 97.73%, while their analysis was credited to just the fourth quarter of 2019. Former INTL FCStone analyst Edward Meir, now of ED&F Man Capital Markets, was responsible for INTL FCStone’s precious metals analysis in the first, second and third quarters of 2019. 

Second to INTL FCStone was SP Angel’s trio at an accuracy rating of 97.01%, with Bank Muscat’s Bhavsar and Mauskar coming in third at 95.95%. 

Fourth place was awarded to Investec’s Hunter Hillcoat and Alex Smith at an accuracy rating of 95.63%, while Capital Economics’ Clancy took fifth place with a rating of 95.34%.  

Individual base winners for 2019
The winner of the 2019 Fastmarkets Apex contest for copper was Emirates NBD’s Edward Bell with an accuracy rating of 97.50%. Top spots in both aluminium and tin were clinched by Bank Muscat’s Bhavsar and Mauskar at a rating of 98.94% and 97.49% respectively. 

For nickel analysis, Fastmarkets took the top spot at an accuracy rating of 92.89%, while TD Securities’ Malek was awarded top position for zinc at a rating of 95.78%. 

Topping lead analysis for 2019 was Investec’s Hillcoat and Smith at a rating of 97.02%. 

Individual precious winners for 2019
Taking top spot in the Fastmarkets Apex award for gold, silver and palladium analysis, INTL FCStone’s Scott-Grey and O’Connell – along with Edward Meir – notched ratings of 98.41%, 97.44% and 97.01% respectively. 

Meanwhile, for platinum, RBC Capital Markets’ James Bell led rankings at an accuracy rating of 98.65%. 

Raw material winners for 2019

Taking the top position in the steel raw materials sector, ABN Amro’s Casper Burgering topped the rankings at an accuracy rating of 90.50%. 

For the annual analysis of iron ore, CLSA’s Andrew Driscoll earned top spot at a rating of 92.40%, while RBC Capital Markets’ Bell led rankings in coking coal at an accuracy level of 92.50%. 

The final rankings for 2019 only include those participants who have taken part in every quarter of the Apex contest in 2019.