Argentina’s car production down by 5.9% in August

New car output in Argentina fell by 5.9% in August compared with the corresponding month last year, to total 79,664 units, according to the country’s carmakers’ group, Adefa.

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Sales to the local market came to 73,595 vehicles last month, down by 9.3% year-on-year.

These sales include both domestically produced and imported units, Adefa noted.

Argentinian carmakers exported 35,853 vehicles in August, 34.8% fewer than in the corresponding month in 2011.

Adefa president Viktor Klima observed that, despite the negative performance seen last month, “measures adopted by Brazil [to stimulate the local car industry] have been gradually affecting Argentina’s output and exports in a positive way”.

The Brazilian market takes about 80% of Argentina’s exports.

Compared with July’s figure of 28,483 cars, last month’s vehicle exports increased by 25.9%.