Argentina’s steel association concerned about US Section 232 tariffs

The Argentinian steel association, Acero Argentino, voiced concerns about the decision from US President Donald Trump to impose a 25% duty on steel imports into the United States.

Exports of seamless tubes would be “strongly affected” by the measure. Argentina shipped more than 200,000 tonnes of the product to the US in 2017, Acero Argentino said late on Thursday March 1.

Following the Section 232 investigation into national security issues related to steel imports, Trump announced on Thursday that he will impose tariffs of 25% on steel imports next week.

Acero Argentino warned that the measure could result in higher pressure of steel shipments “at unfair trade conditions” entering into Argentina and other Latin American countries – mainly from China, South Korea, Vietnam, Russia and Ukraine.

“In view of the decision to increase duties from the world’s largest steel importer, it becomes especially important to have in Argentina agile and adequate instruments to face the imminent change of [trade] scenario,” the association said.