Australia sets provisional AD duties on Thai hollow structural sections

Australia has imposed provisional anti-dumping duties ranging between 12.4% and 30.6% on imports of hollow structural sections from Thailand.

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The duties will be imposed on imports entering Australia from Monday March 16 onward and will be charged according to the preliminary dumping margins found by the country’s Anti-Dumping Commission.

Margins were set at 12.4% for Sahathai Steel Pipe, 15.6% for Pacific Pipe, 18.4% for Samchai Steel Industries, and 30.6% for “uncooperative exporters” from Thailand, the commission said on Monday.

The decision was taken after the commission found that “dumped goods appear to have caused material injury to the Australian industry”.

“I am satisfied that it is necessary to require and take securities in order to prevent material injury occurring to the Australian industry while the investigation continues,” commissioner Dale Seymour said in a statement.

The decision was taken just a few days after the commission was given two-and-a-half additional months to conclude the investigation.

The case was opened in July last year following an application submitted by local hollow structural sections producer Austube Mill.

Goods affected include certain electric resistance welded pipe and tube made of steel, comprising circular and non-circular hollow sections in galvanised and non-galvanised finishes, which are classified under tariff codes 7306.30.00, 7306.50.00, 7306.61.00 and 7306.69.00.

The commission will now have until July 13 to submit a final recommendation in relation to the investigation into the industry ministry’s parliamentary secretary, which will then decide whether to publish a dumping duty notice.